• pnkansah007

A Viral Video Of Ghanaian woman l@shing 100 times for fornic@tion in Saudi Arabia [Watch Video]

Current trending video sighted by ghpatoo.com on the Ghanaian internet community which has

raised eyebrows and additionallybeen labeled as barbaric by a section of social media users

is footage captured during a wh!pping g session on a Ghanaian lady who was c@ught in b3D with another man in Saudi Arabia.

According to reports, the lady who is assumed to be in her late twenties was c@ught seriously been ch0pped by a Sudanese who lives in the same house with her.

Well, in Saudi Arabia, the punishm3nt for fornic@tion however, is 100 lashes. Sighting from the video, the lady who had landed herself into this dire trouble had received over 70 l@shes with less than 20 more to take whiles the scene was been recorded.




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