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A Viral Video Of Ashawo Cr!es As She T@ckle A Man In Town For Refus!ng To P@y Her Serv!ce [Video]

By Ghpatoo . May 25,2021

Massive dram@ as ashawo t@ckles man in town after he refus3d to p@y fully for her Marath0n night Serv!ces.

South Afric@ h0.0ker dr@gs a cl!ent who defau!ted in payment after rend3ring a premium serv!ce all night long.

He had s3.x with her and they agreed on 1000 rands(N29k) . He only pa!d 300 rands (N9k) which forc3d her to hold on to his garm3nt for her balance.

Watch the video below;