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A viral l3aked video of male and female student’s ch0pping themselves in classroom surface online

By Ghpatoo . May 25,2021

It is only non-understandable what is happening in our Senior High Schools nowadays. I keep wondering why today's students d!splay their imm0rality in schools like this.

They never ever cared if it is in the classroom, dormitory or even dinning hall. All they care about is enj0ying themselves.

There has recently been several l3aks about students imm0rality and it s3em it is far from ending.

In another leak available on social media a male and a female SHS students jwere captur3d enj0ying themselves in a classroom. It could be s3en that the girl s@t on the boy and was just going up and down.

Click her to watch the video