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A Video Of Two Sakawa B0ys Spr@ying Money In Chvrch Goes Viral On Social Media [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . May 201,2021

There is a trending video that has virtually gone viral across all social media platforms, where two young men who were alleg3d to be sakawa b0ys, were c@ught doing what contrad!ct the word of God ins!de the chvrch.

According to the video footag3, the unident!fied young men entered a chvrch believed to be Cel3 and started spr@ying money on the pastor, who is believed to be in charge of the chvrch. As it can be s3en through the photos gotten from the video, where they were spr@ying money on the on the a!ter, while the chvrch members kept ha!ling them.

However, the name of the chvrch was not mentioned for security purposes, but this has gotten the react!on of some internet users, who expressed their dissatisfact!0n over what this two sakawa b0ys were c@ught doing.

Watch the video below;