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A video of two female nurses exchange heavy kicks and blows in hospital canteen [WATCH NOW]

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This is the dramatic moment two nurses violently exchange heavy kicks and blows at the hospita canteen.

In the disturbing clip, the pair completely ignored social distancing and remove their face masks to fight each other in the restaurant in MMA-style combat.

The nurse on the left boisterously says β€˜move me, move me’ as she gestures to her co-worker, who replies: β€˜You don’t want to come in front of me.’

But the nurse continues antagonise her colleague, who then pushes her in the stomach causing the violent brawl.

The pair trade blows and then wrestle to the ground in front of the stunned co-workers in their workplace.

An onlooker begs the pair to break up the fight, saying: β€˜Stop your mouth is bleeding’.

The clip ends as the nurse who initially pushed her colleague holding her in a violent chokehold on the restaurant floor, saying: β€˜You messed with the wrong girl.’

The footage, reportedly filmed in a London hospital, begins with the co-workers in the middle of a heated argument, but it is unclear who started the squabble or what it is over.

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