• pnkansah007

A Video Of G@y is c@ught, b3ating up and Str!pp3d N@k3d Trending on social media [Watch Video]

Ghana has not officially accepted LGBTQ and that kind of thing as an official position that we recognize it as a Human Rights thing, and therefore going further to have this thing

established has repercussi0ns not necessarily from government to government level repercussi0n but the general security implicati0ns when I say security I’m talking about the broad sense security, I mean what is this?” he fumed.

“ need help”.

A viral video of g@y partner was c@ught in Ghanaian society and he was str!p n@ked .

In the video you could see that the g@y person is n@ked lying on the flo0r b3asting with can3 in the middle of the night. This video has been trending on social media.





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