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A Video Of Counselor Lutterodt Nearly Ch0pp Sl@y Queen live On TV Goes Viral Social Media [Watch Vi

Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, popularly known as Counselor Lutterodt, is a controversial Ghanaian marriage counselor who has spoken about various issues in the country and has received backl@sh for some of his comments.

Lutterodt is a radio and TV relationship counselor and a Reverend Minister. He is known for his controversial thoughts and as a straightforward relationship communicator.

Lutterodt has been criticized on his comments about marriage and relationship. However, he describes those critiques as coming across because of p00r media reportage.

Some of his quotes which have received many criticisms include When a National Service Person proposes to marry a woman, that lady should report him to the nearest police station.

Dating is not a relationship,If you are a woman and you date one man for more than two weeks then there is something wrong with you,Never allow a p00r man to marry you. A p00r man's marriage will kill you early. And when you die you will go to h3ll.





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