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A Video Of C0uple Undr3ss Each Other In Publ!c Over Some Money Issues [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo.com . May 18,2021

A love triangle turned ugly for woman who was being dup3d money by her alleged l0ver.

Cases of l0vers or partners dup!ng each other money are on the increase and off late, they have been at an alarming rate.

These incidents are being reportedly mainly in the diasp0ra but today onlookers were treated to a free drama when a woman and her l0ver undr3ssed each other in the CBD as they were f!ghting over US$2500.

In the video, the woman was saying her l0ver was trying to take her money by force.

This led to the woman retali@ting by t3aring apart the cl0thes the man was wearing. She undr3ssed him until his pr!vates were exp0sed.

Watch the video below;