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A Video Of Abochi Man c@ught selling ac!d as alc0h0l here in Ghana; f0rced to dr!nk [Watch Video]

By Ghpatoo . May 20,2021

Abochi man has been c@ught selling what is claimed to be an ac!d as alc0h0l to Ghanai@ns who want to bl0w 0ff some steam.

To confirm the suspic!on of the residents who c@ught him, they poured him some to dr!nk but knowing what exactly it is, he refused to dr!nk.

Some of the fur!ous residents were seen delivering some h0t sl@ps from behind after he refused to dr!nk.

The residents then poured the suspected ac!d dr!nk on a take-away pack and surprisingly it melted the take-away in milliseconds.

Watch the video below;