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A Video of Abena Cilla Tw3rking With Hug3 Baka For Her Daughter Surfaces On Instagram [Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . May 31,2021

Video of Abena Cilla Tw3rking With Hug3 Baka For Her Daughter Trends On Instagram I am sure most of us know who Abena Cilla is. When it comes to the most fam0us Ghanaian female models at the moment, she is certainly one of them.

She gained her popular!ty quite recently and her fans really l0ve her. She has as many as 287K followers on Instagram only. This tells you the effort she puts in her modeling craft as well as other businesses.

Unlike other models who had to struggle to make it to the limelight, Abena really didn’t struggl3 to gain popular!ty all 0ver the internet. Hers came quite swifter than most of them. Well, let me tell you what made her more popular than the other models. The answer to this mystery is just simple.

It lies within her body. Abena has been end0wed with a natural cvrvy shap3 and a h3avy backs!de c0uple with a flat tvmmy as well as a nice face. She is really beautiful and people just cannot stop adm!ring her pictures. In their quest to sat!sfy their admirat!on, they decided to follow her so they would get much access to her pictures whenever she posts them.

This is how beauty and a cvrvy body contributed to the success of her in the modeling and entrepreneurship business. Did you know that aside her being a fashion model, she is also a brand influenc3r, a video vixen and a content creator? This is how serious and determined she is.

Watch the video below;