• pnkansah007

A Video Of a Sl@y Queen nearly br0ke her back while pull!ng stunt$ for the gr@m [Watch Video]

This clout-chasing sl@y queen has caused a st!r on instagram with this cr@zy stunt*

You may have seen socialit3 bimb0s pull!ng cr@zy stunt$ on social media just for likes and retweets but this lass is outrageous.

It is always fun when someone tries to pul! off a cr@zy stunt but fa!ls spectacular!y

For instance, this Sl@y Queen was having a good time in a swimm!ng p00l when she tried to show off her agil!ty

However, she slipp3d and landed awkward!y on the wet concrete sl@b.

You can tell she felt it from the way she was holding her back. Nevertheless, this is painful!y hilari0us!




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