• pnkansah007

A Video Of a Pregn@nt lady st0rms Legon to emb@rrass boyfriend who refused to accept pregn@ncy[Wat

According to the backstory to a video, the lady was att@cking the young because was refusing to accept the pregn@ncy

From the video, the guy was in no mood to talk to her, In a bid to swerv3 the lady, the young man remov3d his t-shirt and left it for her.

But she still followed and dar3d him to touch her and the baby. “H!t me and h!t the baby as well,” she was heard saying before holding the boy by his trousers and box3r shorts.

The young man who was overwhe!med by the lady’s behavi0ur wondered by she had to come all the way to the campus to put up such behavi0ur

It took the interventi0n of the interventi0n of an elderly man and another young man to separate the embatt!ed student who was shirtless at the time.