• pnkansah007

A video of a bunch of sl@y queens exchang3 k!cks and bl0ws on the street trend on social media.

In what can be termed a show of shame, a

bunch of sl@y queens have been caught on camera gunn!ng for each others ne(k on the street….

If you ever want to see how women can extremely get viol3nt in life, then you need to check out when two or three of them are f!ght!ng over something. This is the exact situation that happened to some slay queen fter they found themselves in a middle of a brut@l f!ght on the street.

These Sl@y Queens have been film3d f!ghting each other by f3d up locals who are tired of their disput3s over the best sp0ts for business.

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In a video that is making rounds on social media, the unidentifi3d women were seen in a heat3d exchang3 in the streets as they latch3d onto each other’s cloths while they were being recorded by onlook3rs

From their exchang3s, it could be gathered that they were f!ght!ng as a result of who arrived at the check point first.




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