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A S3.xual Video of South Afric@n female pris0n w@rder with inmat3 h!t trending on Social Media[Watc

The graphic video that has gone viral on social media sh0ws the w@rder passion@tely k!ssing the inmat3 in what l00ks like an office inside the pris0n before they get half nak3.d and get into the @ct.

A spokesperson for the department Singabakho Nxumalo said a video with flust3ring scen3s of all3g3d s3.xual activity between an offici@l and an inmat3 at the Ncome Correcti0nal Centre has left the department app@lled , embarr@ssed , and gvtt3d.

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“s3.xual activities between inmat3s and correcti0nal officials are sham3ful! incid3nts that can never be ascrib3d to what is exp3cted of our offici@ls said Nxumalo.

“A video with flust3ring scen3s of alleged s3.xual activity between an offici@l and an inmat3 at the Ncome Correcti0nal Centre, KZN, has left the Department of Correcti0nal Services (DCS) appall3d, embarr@ssed and gutt3d…” says a statem3n

Meanwhile, South Afric@ns have taken to social media to voice their opini0n on the matt3r, with some cond3mning the offici@l for putting her j0b on the line over s3.x




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