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A Lady Nearly D!es After Here Boyfr!end Surprised Here With An iPhone 12 [Watch Video]

By Admini . June 16,2021

Surprised moment a lady almost d!ed of shock after boyfriend surprised her with an iPhone 12.

A lady nearly had a sh0ck which could have ended her life after discovering the gift her boyfr!end surprised her with on her birthday.

The unidentified lady who turned a year older yesterday could not hide her excitement after unraveling the gift pack to find a brand-new iPhone 12 in it bought for her by her boyfr!end and as sh0cked and startled as she was she run and kne!t down before him to thank him for the gift.

Social media users have r3acted differently to the video and whereas some were touched by the lady’s gesture of appreciation to the guy others posited that women should rise above having iPhone 12 to show validation.

Watch the video below: