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A Guy Nearly K!ll a Colleague As They Sp0tted F!ght Seriously 0ver Lady[Watch Now]

By Ghpatoo . June 3,2021

It seems these days there are several f!ght on the street as Young Ghanai@n men have taken to the street to sh0w their p0wers once again

The new video available to us sh0ws gruesome f!ght between these unknown boys at the car park while their friends stood to observe

A critical looked at the video proves ,the guy in boxer shorts actually called for the braw! ,however ,it was over him.

Well ,from the video , the one in white sh0wed precision ,Carried him to the air and thumped him to the fl00r and handed over to him bl0ws repeatedly

While it was obvious they were separating them ,but it appears the Friends also enjoyed the Braw! ,he carried him again ,tw!sted him and sent him on the ground again.

Watch the video below;