• pnkansah007

A Fem@le University Student Mist@t3nly Upl0ad Her N@ked Video On Twitt3r Goes Viral. [WATCH VIDEO]

This is so so unfortunat3. A University fem@le student, name Bisi, is currently in a m3ss after one of her friends l3aked video of her tw3king while nu.d3 on Twitt3r.

Bisi’s story has been trending since yest3rday as the video was l3aked the p00r g!rl has deleted her Twitt3r account and according to tw33ts from her schoolmat3s, the school’s disciplin@ry, committee are currently on her case3 while some are saying she has alre@dy been exp3ll3d.

Bisi had mad3 the video in her r00m with a friend Mhiz Jacklyn. But somehow, she was the only one nak3d Jacklyn was in her cl0thes.

Obviously, in the spir!t of the little cr@zy things we do in our priv@cy Bisi and friends l@ugted 0ver the video, Jacklyn deleted it but f0rgot to delete it from her recycl3 b!n.

Some other m@le University student saw it in her b!n and dec!ded to sh@re it with the w0rld.

Jacklyn has apologized for her mist@t3 tho. But it’s alre@dy too lat3.





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